Small (10.0x10.0x8.0)

Our Smallest Unit, 10x10 is similar in size to a small bedroom.

$60 / month

Medium (10.0x12.0x10.0)

Medium- with the higher ceiling and stacked well, this unit will typically hold the contents of a small 2 bedroom apartment.

$70 / month

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Large (10.0x20.0x8.0)

Our large unit - approximately the size of a one bay garage.

$95 / month

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Large with high ceiling (10.0x20.0x10.0)

Size of a one bay garage with a 10' high ceiling.

$125 / month

Extra Large- high ceiling (10.0x32.0x10.0)

Extra Large unit -typically will hold the contents of a small 3 bedroom home.

$155 / month