Small (10 x 10 x 8)

10x10 is the size of a small bedroom. Great for off season belongings, or contents of a small 1 bedroom apartment.

$60 / month

Medium (10 x 15 x 8)

10x15 will typically hold the contents of a 1-2 bedroom apartment.

$70 / month

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Large (20 x 10 x 10)

10 x 20 sized units are great for vehicle storage. Will typically hold the contents of a 2-3 bedroom apartment/small home.

$95 / month

Extra Large (20 x 10 x 12)

This unit is a 10x20 foot unit with a 12 foot high ceiling and a 10 foot high door. Great for use as a storage shop or truck, van or trailer storage, possibly small boats as well. We do allow shelving to be installed, ask for more details!

$120 / month

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